Welcome to the BCS Blog for the BCS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2010 in Manchester. We hope you will use the new interactive developments to enhance your experience of the conference. Not only will you be able to reply to comments on the BCS Blog but you can also follow some of our Executives on Twitter www.twitter.com and find out some of the things happening behind the scenes (further details below).

Once again, the Programme Committee and the Affiliated Groups have created a superb education and scientific programme including some new additions to the meeting structure. There is a formal National Training Day on Monday which will provide Curriculum based education for trainees, a number of whom will be undertaking the Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA) exam on Sunday, hosted by the BCS. On Wednesday, we have a number of “Educational Spotlight” sessions which concentrate on education for trained cardiologist and I hope we can build on to provide a structured educational programme to facilitate future revalidation needs for our members. Some of the educational sessions will have a formative assessment available to members in the Cyber Cafe after each session and we will e-mail you a certificate of completion for these to add to your portfolio. Look out for these sessions in the Programme.

In addition, the combined expertise of the Imaging Council has produced an excellent programme on Wednesday demonstrating the relative value of cardiovascular imaging techniques, so I hope you enjoy these new educational initiatives. We have further developed the education focus in the Exhibition Hall itself, including the ever popular “How To”, “Meet the Experts” and simulator sessions.

The UK Chapter of the ACC will also be holding its inaugural meeting on Monday evening so if you are an FACC or other member of the ACC, you will be very welcome to attend. It is important that there is a good turnout to establish this Chapter.

Don’t miss the “Annual Dinner and all that Jazz” which this year will be hosted at the Town Hall, close to Manchester Central. Not only are the magicians back but, after dinner and presentation of the BCS awards, there will be more entertainment from a live Jazz band (the clue was in the title!).

For further information and a full programme of the BCS Annual Conference & Exhibition check out the Website www.bcs.com which will also be providing summaries and webcasts from the key sessions following the conference.

If you wish to “follow” an Executive on Twitter, here are the details

Steven Yeats, BCS Chief Executive, www.twitter.com/StevenYeats
Sarah Clarke, Vice President Elect, Education & Research, www.twitter.com/doctorsarah
Iain Simpson, Vice President, Education & Research www.twitter.com/IainASimpson

and don’t forget James Rudd, our BCS Blogger, www.twitter.com/jhfrudd

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