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The Health Care Debate goes on..with the bloggers!

So, having tried to get to grips with the healthcare system (sitting through heated session on healthcare reform) and realising thet my fellow blogger Wes has no idea how things work in the NHS, we kind of though our readers would like a case study to compare the 2 systems.
Firstly a bit of information about my fellow (far more experienced blogger [...]

Want to know more about AF??!! See this new website and other trial results from the ACC!

The ACC and Heart Rhythm Society have launched a new website just for AF !!!
Take a look! There are editorials, news, interactive programs and there is a rate and rhythm pocket guide you can download in pdf for free!
Also see reports of other AF trials (click in each for link to cardiosource and for slides too!):
RACE [...]

DAT post DES…how long??

The aged debate goes on! How long should we be giving dual anti-platelet therapy (DAT) after DES? Current guidelines suggest 12 months….
This trial, in the NEJM March 15, 2010 attempts to answer this question.
2701 patients receiving DES in 2 trials (RAEL LATE and ZEST LATE) were randomised to DAT (clopidogrel and aspirin) vs aspirin alone. They had been free [...]

Cryoablation for PAF: STOP-AF

More EP for me! Great to have the opportunity to attend sessions outside your own specialty! Dont think I am converted though!…….
Whilst anti-arrythmic drugs (AAD) are not without morbidity or mortality,  and radiofrequency ablation requires mutliple lesions and can be associated with complications, cryoablation offers PVI with a single continuous cryolesion.
But what are the complications?
The safety [...]

For those sessions you dont get to, and for when you get home!….

Just had a look at iScience….highly recommended!
Over 90 sessions covered, together with slides, full motion video and audio recorded live!
It does come at a cost, but if you are at the meeting you can get a special deal! And, if you are not at the conference you can buy at half price for the next [...]

The Health Care Reform Debate

Nothing like getting politicians in a room to pull the audience in! I managed to get a seat in what was a heated room!!!
Health Care reform is a contentious issue here and the reconciliation bill is likely to be voted upon at anytime by Congress!
The problem with both the US system and the NHS is [...]

Similar to SYNTAX…..

5 year results of a registry comparing left main stem stenting vs. CABG in unprotected left main (MAIN-COMPARE), have been discussed. This was not randomised study like SYNTAX (1800 patients with multi-vessel disease and/or unprotected LMS).  However it included 2240 patients and propensity score matching was used to reduce the effect of treatment selection bias.
Results show that [...]

Pharmacological treatment of atrial fibrillation. Dronedarone and other anti-arrhythmics

Time to educate the interventionist!
Not allowed to subject you to interventional device sessions (conflict of interest-ACC) and want to appeal to the wider cardiology community to get blogging!
This session (room is packed….about 300 folk!)  is focussing on the medical treatment of AF as opposed to the interventional treatment, describing the indication for the various  anti-arrhythmics [...]

First impressions!

Nothing can prepare you for the vastness of the place and the programme! The content of the meeting is quite extraordinary with a huge amount available immediately online as sessions start! Can’t beat that!! And everyone twitters here!!  I have had to learn to tweet!!!  RSI I fear by wednesday!
The exhibition is huge! 8 football [...]

Late Breaking Clinical Trials 1

An early start for those who made it and remembered to put the clock forward an hour (or rather back 4 hours instead of 5)!
This session covered important trials.  More later but click here for quick access to a summary and full slide presentation.

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